The Drive-Thru will be closed from January 9 - February 6. We will be reopening on February 13, 2021. See you in 5 weeks!

Happy Holidays from the Milk Pail! In the midst of the craziness and uncertainty this year, we hope the Milk Pail Drive-Thru brought some joy and culinary delight to your kitchens. Following the craziness of the holidays, we will be taking a month long break beginning January 9, 2021. We will be back for a new season of Drive-Thru operations on February 13, 2021. Our last pick-up before the break will be this Saturday, January 2. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Safety is KEY!

Fresh Produce

The Milk Pail Market was always known for having fantastically fresh produce. We're continuing that tradition with our Produce Kits, a large bag full to the brim with an assortment of fruits and veggies!

Unique Flavors

Cheese, crackers, croissants and more! We hope to bring you a great collection with each one of our Milk Pail Essentials Kits! Small and large, we hope they satisfy your cravings! 

Amazing Community

Thanks to our incredible community, we have resurrected the Milk Pail into the new drive-thru model!